CyberSecurity Challenge

Fight Hackers with Behavioural Insights

Use your expertise to prevent hacker attacks

Help Danish small and middle-sized companies improve their employees’ digital behavior.

Develop your solution with peers

To help you develop a winning solution, We organized an intensive ideation workshop on behalf of The Danish Business Authority. Read Oliver’s reportage from the day.

Win 50.000 dkk

The best two ideas are each rewarded with 25.000 in prize money and additional 25.000 to support, research, further development and commercialization.


Digital trust is a pre-condition for digital growth. Danish Companies are among the most digitalized in Europe, however an increasing number experience breach of their IT security with loss of reputation and revenue to follow. Employees often represent a significant IT security risk for companies, and secure digital behavior among employees is therefore crucial for increasing IT security level.

In November 2017, the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) invited everyone who has an interest in behavior- and interaction design to take part in this Cybersecurity Challenge and create solutions that can increase IT security in Danish companies – especially small and middle-sized – by changing their employees’ digital behavior.

See the winning solutions

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