Nudging people to empty the dishwasher: A field experiment in our office

Looking for data to your master thesis or research project within behavioural economics?

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a workshop on how to nudge clean & corporative co-working spaces. Based on the ideas from the workshop have designed an intervention in our own office space at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. We think this could be a fun chance to run an experiment and collect data which can be used for research.

We are therefore looking for students or researcher who would like to design an experiment. We provide the setting for a field experiment, you collect and analyse the data. It will be your experiment and data to use for what you like whether research or projects.

In particular we would like to run two experiments with interventions nudging people to empty the dishwasher.

One idea from the workshop, which we are very fond of, consist of a mirror next to a message which read; “Have you remembered to empty the dishwasher?” The idea was inspired by studies which showed that a mirror showing one’s reflection primes people to be more honest (and perhaps also better at filling the dishwasher).

The second idea we would like to test is whether we can change the framing of emptying the dishwasher from a dirty job into a possibility for networking. Our preliminary idea is along the lines of: Mark the area in front of the dishwasher as networking area and include a sentence like: “Co-empty the dishwasher boosts your networking”. If you have other ideas, we can test them too.

If interested, contact our founder at

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