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About us

Nudge Crowd is a contest-driven crowdsourcing platform where companies, NGOs, and public institutions sponsor a challenge to get help from our crowd – people with curiosity and expertise in psychology and behavioural science.

We are a young and small start-up, and as such you will have plenty of opportunities to influence your work and our organization. We emphasise learning opportunities and the ability to enjoy our work. Like our crowd, we are bound together by our love for behavioral science and crowdsourcing.


What we are looking for

Chapter Manager

Help us found a chapter in your city

We are currently looking for chapter managers from all around the world to build local communities with people interested in behavioral- and neuroscience, and to engage people from the community to submit their inputs to important challenges presented at

Who are you?

You are looking for a great opportunity to grow your network. You are interested to learn about crowdsourcing and the facilitation of creative processes, and to take part in developing a global community of people who, like yourself, are passionate about the potential of behavioral- and neuroscience.

You can be based anywhere in the world as long as there is a base for building a community. This typically requires research and educational programmes relevant for Nudge Crowd as well as a number of professionals working with decision design/nudging, applied psychology etc. in your area.

You may be a student or a recent graduate, or your interest may stem from elsewhere. You will be operating on your own, but with the support of the Nudge Crowd home office through regular Skype meetings.

What does the job consists of?
  • Organize hackathons, workshops to support the crowd in developing great submissions, and social events such as reading clubs, movie nights and talks to build a strong community.
  • Reach out to local thought leaders, engage them in the community and develop activities to support a challenge in collaboration with them. For example, this may include helping university professors to use a challenge as a case study in their classes.
  • Drive engagement through blogposts, social media activities and in our open Slack Community (NB: in the pipeline).

The role as chapter manager is a part-time freelance position. Your compensation will be based on:

  1. The number and quality of the submissions to the specific challenges submitted through the platform.
  2. The events that you will organize.
  3. Chapter managers can also earn compensation by identifying and developing challenges. But engaging in this activity is not a prerequisite for being a chapter manager.


If you are interested, send a few words about yourself as well as the link to your linkedin to our founder Stig Nyman at If you have any questions or just need to get a further elaboration of the job or what we are, feel free to reach out +45 42 52 52 30.

We look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

The Nudge Crowd team.

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