How Nudge Crowd Works

At Nudge Crowd, companies, NGOs and public institutions sponsor a challenge to get help from crowd – people with curiosity and expertise people in how to influence decision making with insights from psychology and behavioural science. The process is simple: the problem-sponsor presents a challenge which the crowd then present potential solutions for. The organization will then select and pay a reward for the ideas which they would like to test and implement. After testing, every participant receives feedback and results of the tested ideas.

Challenge sponsor

Launch Challenge

A company, NGO or puplic institution describe a problem and define how they will reward the best ideas.

Pick the best ideas

The challenge sponsor recieves the ideas developed by the crowd. They provide feedback on the ideas and select the ones they you want to work further with and reward the clever minds behind them.


Test & implement

Problem sponsor test and implement the selected ideas. you selected to determine which have most impact and share the test result with our crowd – of course cleaned for confidential and sensible data.



Select a challenge

Crowd members choose a challenge they find inspiring.


Develop ideas

The enthusiast can develop solutions on their own or work together with fellow crowd members. Nudge support the creative process and provide opportunities for collaboration through events and an online forum. Final ideas are submitted through the platform.

Learn and win

The people behind the winning ideas are paid a cash prize and or other rewards stated in the challenge. Most problem sponsors provide feedback for all ideas submitted. After the problem sponsor have implemented the idea and tested the effect, the data is shared among the crowd for inspiration and to spark establish a foundation for new research.