Compete & collaborate to solve important behavioral challenges

How can schools prevent bullying with behavioural insights?

We are working on creating an open challenge to crowdsource innovative ideas for how public schools in Denmark can harness behavioural insights to minimise bullying. We are currently looking for funding to launch the challenge. If you want to help make this project real, contact Emil at mailto:

How can we support integration efforts with behavioural insights?

We feel that there are a lot potential in utlilzing behavioural insights to support grass roots integration projects. We are right in dialogue with a number of project and hope to soon to able to present an inspiring challenge. If you want to help make this project real, contact Emil at mailto:

CyberSecurity Challenge

The Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) invited everyone who has an interest in behavior- and interaction design to take part in this Cybersecurity Challenge and create solutions that can increase IT security in Danish companie

Vandalism Challenge

In Frederikssund Municipality they have several problems related to vandalism on bus shelters. They have therefore asked our community for ideas utilizing behavioral insights to prevent bus shelters from being exposed to vandalism.

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