Sponsor a challenge

Get help to solve your problems from a diverse group of people with expertise in how surroundings shape decision making.

How Nudge Crowd works for a company, NGO or public organization

At Nudge Crowd, companies, NGOs and public institutions sponsor a challenge to get help from our crowd – people with curiosity and expertise people in how to influence decision making with insights from psychology and behavioural science. The process is simple: the problem-sponsor presents a challenge which the crowd then present potential solutions for. The organization will then select and pay a reward for the ideas which they would like to test and implement. After testing, every participant receives feedback and results of the tested ideas.

1. Launch a challenge

Describe your problem and define how you will reward the best ideas. You can choose to include your name or remain anonymous


2. Receive dozens of ideas

 Our crowd will use their expertise to find creative solutions to your challenge. We support their work with events and online activities. Crowd members submit their ideas digitally.


3. Pick your favorites

 Browse through the ideas from our crowd and get inspired. Select the ideas you want to work with and reward the clever minds behind them. You only pay for the ideas you like.


4. Test & implement

Test the ideas you selected to determine which have most impact and share the test result with our crowd – of course cleaned for confidential and sensible data.

Why sponsor a challenge

Explore behavioral insights

During the past decades more than 150 various behavioral biases have been uncovered. It is therefore impossible for a single individual or a small team to consider all possibilities of how behavioral factors can be utilized. Explore what behavioral biases are relevant for the challenge you are facing.

Create an abundance of ideas

Some of the toughest scientific and technological challenges in history have been cracked by crowd contests. Crowdsourcing is more than a way to gain access to low cost labour. For us, it is about creating an abundance of ideas from a multitude of perspectives.

Test & adjust your solution

Figuring out what solution provide the greatest impact is not always easy. Our crowd value sciencetifc rigour and can contribute with creative ways to obtain data for you to evaulate and improve your behavioral interventions.